Acusan a Snapchat de plagio... otra vez

Argenis Pinal tiene más de 100 mil seguidores en Instagram debido a su gran talento con los maquillajes de superhéroes. La cuestión aquí, es que se percató de que la famosa red social de Snapchat ha plagiado varios de sus maquillajes, algo que la molestó y que decidió denunciar a través del hashtag #snapchatstolemylook

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#snapchatstolemylook Oh Hey GUYs look what #snapchat New filter is 💁🏻 My Joker face Paint. Immmmm soooo flattered they chose my face paint design since they are clearly running out of Filter Ideas to do BUT At Least Ask the Artist for the filter Idea and give them credit- wouldn't you Think 💁🏻??? I Did it better Sorry 😂 __________________ And clearly it's not the first time they do it, I just found out they took @mykie_ Look too and many artist, they need to stop because we spend a great amount of time creating looks and deserve the credit as an artist !!! #buzzfeed #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #laurag_143 #wakeupandmakeup #makeupfanatic1 #cosmopolitan #snapchatnoswiping

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Y es que no hay duda, los filtros son casi idénticos a los diseños de Pinal. Mientras que unos están en contra del plagio, otros usuarios revelaron que se trata de una coincidencia. ¿Será?

El caso de Argenis no es el único, tal como lo demuestra el sitio The Ringer, pues también se sumó otra artista de maquillaje conocida en Instagram como Mykie, especialista en princesas, quien compartió una foto del supuesto plagio de esta divertida red social.

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What this post is for and what you should know if you care enough to read this caption: 🔹This is an update to a post from April. I wasn't sure how I felt about a new Snapchat filter, as the details of the filter matched specific details to an old makeup look I did (inner corner of eyes, 3 lines for lower lip, brow hairs in front & open in front half). 🔹This became a problem for 3 other artists (@argenapeede, Lois Van Baarle and Alexander Khokhlov) where snapchat made filters or stickers that had minor changes but matched exactly in very specific details, placement, shape AND overall concept. 🔸TAKE AWAY: Snapchat has since admitted this is an issue, and that copying will not be tolerated. Thats what this Teen Vogue article is about. That's a good thing and that's why I'm posting. The support of people who are artists or know even a TINY amount about intellectual property and copyright laws are why that happened. I'm not asking for arguments on whether or not this is copied since snapchat has acknowledged it. Hard to call it just "coincidence" on 4 different works from 4 different artists in a 3 month timespan- this is not about just one filter. 🔹What else you should know: Yes, makeup CAN and has been copyrighted. Yes, my work has copyright & that's because of the SPECIFIC style & details, not the overall style of pop art or watercolor separately. Same for the other 3 cases. Yes, there are bigger problems in the world. But yes, it is still an issue, and someone should not be paid by a massive company to take the work of someone else who gets no credit or compensation. Art needs to be changed enough to count as a new work. That's copyright law, not my opinion. If you don't care about this that's fine, but don't complain in the comments like I forced you to look at this. ⚠️Again, snapchat has ADMITTED theres an issue with copying they're looking into. If your comment disregards that, or the info in here, don't bother commenting or you will be (laughed at and) blocked.

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